Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Dairy Resource Book

I often get asked questions about where to find resources on cheese/butter processing, what rules and regulations are involved, marketing of dairy fresh products, etc. I often have to spend several hours gathering resources on these topics, but now there is an excellent resource guide put out by SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) entitled The Small Dairy Resource book.

This book evaluates the pros and cons of more than 150 resources, from the most current information in print and online to obscure, out-of-print publications that are useful for their timeless knowledge. Resource formats include books, periodicals, videos, Web sites and others on a wide range of topics related to farmstead dairy processing.

Resources are broken into the following categories:
· Cheesemaking
· Ice cream
· Dairy processing
· Dairy animals
· Business and marketing
· Butter
· Other dairy foods
· Food safety
· Feeds and grazing

Download it for free at www.sare.org/publications/dairyresource.htm.

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