Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heritage Poultry INTENSIVE Workshop

Thursday, November 10th 2011
Bountiful Harvest farm, Polkton, NC

Workshop Overview:

NC Choices is excited to provide this advanced teaching for those who are raising standard bred poultry for sustainable farming, marketing, exhibition and preservation. During this day-long intensive workshop you will learn how to properly identify heritage poultry breeds, how to select for meat qualities and rate of growth, how to select for egg production, how to select your ongoing breeding stock and learn the basics of genetics and breeding. All this will be done on a model farm and will include live breeds of standard-bred poultry. Participants will have opportunity to actually handle birds themselves and network with like minded people who share this same vision to see local, sustainable poultry farmers throughout the state on North Carolina.

One of the highlights of the day will be the lunch that will include the cooking of heritage poultry. This intensive “on farm” workshop is being hosted by the International Center for Poultry, the Carolina heritage Poultry Coalition and the NC Cooperative Extension Service. There is great interest here in North Carolina to see these historical, heirloom breeds of poultry back on the kitchen tables of American families. This workshop will be taught by Sustainable Poultry Specialist, Jim Adkins, Don Schrider and other qualified instructors. For more information contact the Center for Poultry. Call 209-890-5326 or email . Or see our website:
The farm address is: 2001 Cedar Grove Church Road. Polkton, NC 28135

COST: $89.00 includes all training materials and lunch. The workshop is limited to 40 people so sign up early. Early registration must be done on line (or postmarked by) Friday, October 28th. After October 28th the tuition increases to $100.00. Mail registrations to: Center for Poultry ~ 642 Moffitt Hill Rd. Old Fort, NC 28762

Tentative Schedule:
8:30 AM –Registration begins (on farm site)
9:00 AM – Session #1: “The Necessity of Identifying Heritage Poultry”
10:00 AM – Session #2: “Selecting for Meat Qualities & Rate of Growth”
10:45 AM – Break
11:15 AM –Session #3: “Selecting for Egg Production”
12:00 PM – Lunch (Heritage Poultry prepared by a local chef!)
1:00 PM – Session #4: “Selecting your Ongoing Breeding Stock” (learning the basics of Genetics and Breeding)
2:00 PM – Session #5: “Processing & Marketing your Heritage Poultry”
3:00 PM – Break
3:15 PM Question & Answer Time!
4:00 PM Conclusion of the workshop!

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