Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Foothills Pilot Plant is Open for Business!

Foothills Pilot Plant, the first community-administered, non-profit meat processing facility in the US, is open for fully-inspected poultry and rabbit processing as of January 15, 2012. A collaborative effort of state & local governments, small-scale meat animal producers, and grant-making agencies, this facility is operated under joint USDA/FDA authority to provide regional growers with the opportunity to market their meat products to a broader consumer base. Products processed at this facility can be transported and sold across state lines. Foothills Pilot Plant is the only USDA-inspected facility serving independent poultry growers in the Southern Appalachian region.

Additionally, the plant is working to become certified “Animal Welfare Approved,” demonstrating a commitment to low-stress, humane handling of the food animals in their care. Project leaders have spent five years bringing this resource to the community; plant oversight is provided by the McDowell County Economic Development Association (MEDA) and an Advisory Board comprised of professionals with related expertise.

Chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and other specialty fowl are processed on a fee-for-service basis into retail-ready, custom-labeled packages according to the clients’ needs. The facility is operated as a processing service to independent growers in the region and does not take possession of animals or meat products.

In addition to its processing services, Foothills Pilot Plant will work with the producers it serves to develop best practices for small-scale meat animal production and share this information with the community. This facility is an integral step in building resilient, sustainable local food systems. Please contact Dr. Paljinder Manhiani, Plant Manager, with questions or to schedule your processing at 828-803-2717 or by email at foothillspilotplant@gmail.com. Pricing information is available at our website, www.foothillspilotplant.com.

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